New Segment: YouPlay

this is a new segment that i have added, its not going to be a regular thing, but i'll try to do a new one each month...
it is a list of songs that i am loving right now, whether they be new or old, this is it:
(p.s. each song is linked to the youtube video)

empire state of mind- jayz ft. alicia keys
for your entertainment- adam lambert
whataya want from me- adam lambert
all the right moves- one republic
already gone- kelly clarkson
telephone- lady gaga ft. beyonce
beautiful- eminem
touch the sky- kanye west
blue jeans- jesse james(lyrics)


xo, stefanie

FURRY!!! (Prt 2)

here's what my new hat looks like :)

xo, stefanie

Outfit of the Day: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday




srry these are so late, i forgot my usb cord :P

xo, stefanie

17s500: #22

my style tip of the day (sunday)

xo, stefanie

17s500: #19

my style tip of the day (saturday)

xo, stefanie

17s500: #16

my style tip of the day (friday)

xo, stefanie


- I bought more canvases! (the painting is back on track :D )

- (3) 17s500
- (3) Outfits of the day

xo, stefanie



hi everyone!!!
i ant wait for the photoshoot on monday!
it's going to be soooo much fun!
miss banana is excited too, she'll be the photographer (even though i originally planned to be photographing :P )
i'm still excited though!
so many ideas, so little time.

xo, stefanie

FURRY!!! :)

i went shopping with my friends today, and i feel in looooove with this hat! it's so warm, and i look cute in it! :)
originally is was $35, but....... i got it for $8.00!!!
...im not able to post a pic just yet, because i forgot my usb wire for the computer, but i will post a pic on sunday FOR SURE!

xo, stefanie


Pretty Notebooks :)

just thought this was as pretty as the aztecs

xo, stefanie

Have a SUN SHINING day!

i just thought i'd post this little doodle of mine to add a little sun shine to the day :)

xo, stefanie

doodle china

i would love to get a set of cup and saucers like(or similar) to this doodle, if anyone knows where i can get them plz let me know!

xo, stefanie

Can I See Your ID M'am?

look at this A-MAZ-ING drawing my bestie miss banana did!

words cannot describe how much i love her, wait...yes they can...
i love her like a sister, or a pet fish(ij).
luv ya hun!

xo, stefanie

Great News!

Kingsley's home!
They are thrilled :)
And so am I.

xo, stefanie


this is a doodle i did for Kingsley, the dog of the founders of the rockstar diaries. he's their little english bulldog puppy, who's in the pet hospital for pneumonia. i sent this to Naomi Megan herself (via email).
here it is:

good luck guys!

xo, stefanie

my nails

my nails:

you cant  see it very well, but the colour is sort of a silvery clear coat
i rather like this colour

xo, stefanie

17s500: #11

my style tip of the day:


xo, stefanie

my outfit of the DAAAAAAAAAAAAYY! :D

unfortunately, yesterday i was in my pj's the whole day, and i wasn't just about to let some strangers see what i look lik in the morning, but i do have an outfit for today! yay!

xo, stefanie


The Little PInk Car

I drew this car in representation of the suffering cancer patients out there, pack up your things and drive away cancer!
plz donate to your breast cancer foundation, and support those suffering.

for you canadians out there, plz visit http://www.cbcf.org/
and donate or just help.

xo, stefanie

p.s. I do not support only the cure of breast cancer, i support every type, plz find ways to help find the cure. thnk you:)

I want this!

i absolutely looooove these pictures, want i would do for a loft like this

love the pink!

this is my dream fridge :)

i love the idea of having the bedroom as the second floor : )

pretty frames and sink

this is my dream bedroom for my kid!

and a pool to tie it all together :)

xo, stefanie

1/27/10(c,c,c,c,contd) R.I.P.

This is a drawing my bestest friend did for me, it's of my late cat Sable, who just passed away on Rememberance day. i cried when she sent this to me. i will love her and Sable forever.

by: miss banana
i lov you both

xo, stefanie

1/27/10(c,c,c,contd)17s500: #7

this is my tip of the day:

xo, stefanie

1/27/10(c,c,contd) bee-u-tiful!!!!

this was made by my bestest frend! i love you!

by: miss banana( <3 )

xo, stefanie

1/27/10(c,contd) doodles!

this is a doodle my artistic friend drew for me, it's me as some typoe of animal :P
p.s. she's actually an artist, she just likes to goof around :P

we had such a big play fight over this pic, this wasn't the real first one, this came second i was complainingthat i didn' have frizzy hair and i was whining, and she was yelling, and we were laughing hysterically!

By: Miss Banana


1/27/10 (cont'd) new segment!

i will be starting a new segment on Empire Identity
it's gonna be called: 17's 500 style tips (17s500)
this is based on a book i found, and i wil pick my favourites out of it to spread the stlish ways of the world.
this is what he book looks like (if you would like to buy it):

xo, stefanie

p.s. its $9.95(us) and $11.95(can)

1/27/10: my mom's fantasy watch

my mom absolutely LOOOOOOVES this watch!
she saw it at a shop in Miami and fell in love.
the store finally came to Canada, so she has this ad hanging on her fridge now :P
the watch costs about $5000
someday i'll get it for her :)

xo, stefanie


january 26, 2010(cont'd cont'd cont'd)

so many posts today! :P
here's the first feature of my stylepad (outfit book)

hopefully i will e able to post my drwn outfit of the day everyday :)


p.s. i wore this ring :)
it's an apple! :P

january 26, 2010(cont'd cont'd)

what my nails looked like today:


january 26, 2010(cont'd): what's in muh bag...

i got this idea from the blog: www.bleubirdvintage.typepad.com

-laurentien colored pencils
-outfit notepad(everyday of the week){p.s.i'm adding a new feature about this to my blog soon}
-salon long clip
-two hair elastics
-orange star post-its (cant go anywhere without my post-its!!)
-my keys
-earphones for my phone
-directions to tonnes of places(with a paper clip on it)
-index cards(w/e)
-sharpie permanant marker in black(go devid beckham!)
-mini packet of 3-ply tissues(i got a cold)
-pizza pizza giftcard(i LOVE pizza)
-eyeglass case with my glasses inside

january 26, 2010

i'm back to posting regularly!


january 25, 2010

i know i said that i wouldn't be posting this week, but i just wanted to let you guys know that i will be doing a photo shoot very soon, and that my inspiration wall is coming along well, but i ran out of canvases for my stencil project, so its gonna take a couple of days longer than expected...boo.

btw, if you want to show me just how amazing my readers are, send me some fashion photography of your own, of yourself, or by you. please send a name or link with the photo(s), so as i can give mention.

my email:uracheeseface@gmail.com


january 23, 2010

hi everyone!
i just wanted to update you on things...
i'm very busy this week, so im probably not going to be blogging that much,
but here's what's going on:
-i've started a new project, my inspiration wall. i've been wanting to this for so long, and i must say, it's coming together rather nicely. :)
-i'm going to be doing some paintings, i've wanted to try out this stencil idea for a while, im looking forward to it!
-im also waiting for my chance to make my own stamps, yes, my own stamps! but i need a special "instrument" for it, and i'm waiting to get one!

that's all for now, hopefully i'll be able to blog sometime next week with soime picture of my wall(if it's complete :P)




january 21, 2010

hello people!
what a day! what-a-day!
So much work to be done for the next week!
it's a hectic week!
but i have a feeling that next week will flow smoothly :)



january 19, 2010

hi everybody!
im soooo sory that i haven't been able to post anything for the past week, but im very busy, andi don't want to get behind in work, though i probably already am.
i have also been blog-stalking, as my fav blogger "unknown" puts it, and its awesome.
that's all for now.
i'll post soon!



january 13, 2010

here's my hand-drawn outfit of the day:

also, here is my fashion lovly of the day: THE QUEEN OF GREEN!...

love her to death!
enjoy the day.
xo, stefanie


january 11, 2010

i absolutely love the glamour and beauty of such dresses like the ones above, they can make any girl feel pretty. if i were to choose just one to wear though, i would have to pick the last one. just the captured moment of such elegance is beauty in itself. i hope everyone had a great day, because today and last night were probably the happiest times of my life, even though something major happened, i was basically in a over-all good, wait, no...great mood. i love those days when you don't know why your happy, but you can't help it, that was me today. :D
enjoy your week!
xo, stefanie
p.s. photos by Antonio Barros (www.antoniobarros.fr)


january 10, 2010

today was fun!

i was hanging out with one of my besties...Becca!

she's one of the funnest, stylish, most prettiest girls i know, and i love her for that.

we watched "500 days of summer", and "new moon".

the guy form "10 things i hate about you" is in there, he is so adorable, i want him as my boyfriend :P, and i only "watch new moon" for taylor lautner. <3

wish this was reality.
xo, stefanie

p.s. here is an outfit of exactly how i am fealling rite now...
photo by antonio barros (www.antoniobarros.fr)


january 9, 2010

hi everyone!
i just wanted to let you guys know that i have been going blog stalking to all my favourite blogs, and i have let some of tem know that i would looooooooove to feature them on my blog! hope everything goes as planned! :D

xo, stefanie

p.s. here's a link to the one of the blogs i follow:


january 8, 2010

i love these photos, though different they may be, they are so beatiful that i cant help but post them all!
xo, stefanie
p.s. phtography by jason christopher (www.jasonchristopher.com)