Picture of the Day...

here ya go :)
btw...this is a teacher's name :P
xo, stefanie

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My be-lated style tips :)

use them well :P

xo, stefanie

Omg! Omg! Omg!

I just realized this is my 105th post!!!!
I'm past 100 and i didn't even notice!!!
Well, its come and gone, hopefully I'll notice when 200 comes around :P
In other news...
I am soooo sorry i wasn't able to post 17s500, or Inspiration Friday, or the Picture of the Day, or DIY Sunday :(
I had no internet this weekend, AND I forgot my USB cord :(

It's all gonna be updated soon :)

xo, stefanie


Picture of the day...

Here's my picture of the day... :)


xo, stefanie

So, as I promised...here is the NEW YouPlay!!!
I hope you guys like the songs, its not as long as the first one, but I'm kinda not "music-y" right now.
Blah blah blah- Kesha
Dance like there's no tomorrow- Paula Abdul
Bulletproof- Laroux
One of the boys- Katy Perry
Love is a battlefield- Pat Benatar
Heartbreaker- Pat Benatar
Jessie's girl- Rick Springfield

enjoy!! :D :D :D

xo, stefanie

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my style tip of the day...

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Oh lord!

the ladybug is still terrorizing me!!!

help me?

xo, stefanie


Its coming!!!

A new YouPLay is coming tomorrow!!!
Are you excited?
I'm excited!
hope you enjoy it.
And i am soooo open to the idea of hearing new music, so feel free to send some songs my way :)

xo, stefanie

Hello Yellow!

Just something to brighten your evening/night...
source: unknown
source: unknown
source: unknown

enjoy :)

xo, stefanie

p.s. if you know the source, comment :D


this is the lady bug terrorizing my bedroom!!
make it stop!!!
no really...i HATE ladybugs!
actually, an type of bug!!
they are sooooo gross.
i don't care what you think, ladybugs are NASTY!!!
get it out! get it out! get it out!!

eww, stefanie

Yes or No?

that is all.

xo, stefanie

Picture(s) of the day...

sorry one of these were late, i just couldn't find time to finish the updates for the blg, what a great way to start off a new segment :P
well, anyways, here they are...

thanx for reading :)

xo, stefanie

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my style tips of the day...

take this to heart

xo, stefanie


DIYs are coming to Empire Identity!!! Ahhhhhh!!! :D x 14954857835

I just wanted to let you guys know that................................................I'm gonna be starting DIY Sunday!!!
* courtesy of Elsie *
And I'm soooooooooo EXCITED!!!!
I do lots of crafts on my own, but now I'm going to be sharing some with you!! :)
I'll also let you know where i get ideas or DIYs from if they are not of my own creation.
Can't wait to get started!!!

xo, stefanie

2 years...

Well if you MUST know...I was at a party yesterday afternoon to evening, so that was the reason behind the lack of posts. :)
It was a very close friend's birthday gathering, so I OBVIOUSLY couldn't say no! haha
I haven't seen my friend in over 2 years, she is a very close friend who I've known since her birth. I have known her brother for a little bit longe than that, so we're very close too. Her and I are practically like family. Her brother is like a best friend to me. We're the type of friends who have not seen eachother for a couple of years, and within two seconds of seeing each other, will start a conversation. No awkward silences, or strange looks, just...revelation :)
It's fantastic :D
FOr untold reasons we were torn apart, but now we're back together again, and stronger than ever :)

Love you guys!!!!

xo, stefanie


17s500: #95

sorry this is really blurry :(
it says: a red skirt can help you stand out in a sea of jeans.

xo, stefanie

Oh Rick! You kill me!...*haha*

here are some images from the Rick Springfield video I've been watching over, and over, and over again.
I have an obsession...
damn he was hot :D
enjoy :D


New Segment: PIcture of the Day(idea from Bee)

So...my dear friend Bee gave me the idea of post a picture of the day...my own drawing I guessed.
This is something she told me she'd love to see on my blog, so here it is:)
I dont know if you can tell, but it's outlined in pink and YELLOW :)

xo, stefanie
p.s. those are some glow-in-the-dark bracelets I wore oday :P

Inspiration Friday on Saturday

My Inspiration Of the Week...

he did :)
lonely again...
I wanna go there...


sources: here, there, everywhere...if you know the source, comment :)
xo, stefanie

p.s. the two paintings up there that i sourced are by an amazing artist name Simon Falk, who I have not met face to face, but know of :)

tell me hun...

tell me what you think about the new blog.
Im really excited about it, it looks soooo good...
dont you agree?

All good things stay close to my heart :)

As you may have noticed.......the blog has changed!!!!
Not it's content, but it's look!
I can't tell you how much I love it because it's to much to type out
:D x 10000000000
I had been thinking of switching over to typepad because some of the blogs I follow over there are just so pretty, artsy and classic. However, I didn't want to have to switch over everything with all that I have already done over here.
So.......after hours and days of scouring websites, google, and rando links, I FINALLY found a website that is easy to use, has amazing backgrounds and accessories for blogger blogs, and is sweet all together.
I know...but I don't care.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, stefanie


Content and Smiling

This afternoon and evening I am feeling very content, as soon as I got home and relaxed I was feeling this way. For those of you who don't know me, I don't usually feel this way, I'm am either stressed or tired ALL THE TIME! However, even though i have quite a bit of work to do this weekend, and a party to go to, I still feel........happy.
I just wanted to let you guys now, because you are my people, and i am your hostess, so let me host! :)
Let me know if this feeling of contentment is contagious.......comment! :D

xo, stefanie

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my style tips of the day :)

xo, stefanie