I'll be taking a little break from blogging until thursday. I have a major project for school' meaning all my online efforts are going towards that. Just so you know you'll miss me :)

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I'm going to marry that man :)

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Handmade Book Obsession

Mini-book from danny brito on Vimeo.

Note: I currently have a handmade books obsession. So when I found this here I had to show you guys. Simple and cute, no?

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Closet Resolutions

So. I was reading one of the MANY blogs i follow, and I came across a "My Closet Resolutions" post. It basically inspired me to clean out my closet (as I've been doing for the past two weeks) and create a strategy. So I'm sharing the Resolutions post with you. You can find the original post here.


1. Know your inventory: instead of buying something new, I should know/remember that I have something of the same style stored in a box. which leads me to the other point;

2. Be more creative: mix and matching old stuff creates an all new style, no need to refresh everything each season! which leads me to my other point;

3. Sew more: From flare jeans to skinny jeans and from boyfriend to dropped crotch jeans, sometimes only few minutes on the sewing machine will re-shape an old friend into a new one! Here are a couple of DIY alterations I need to do: denim jeans to shorts, tee-shirts to tank top, stained tee to DIY dye tee, loose tee to fringe tank-top etc, sweaters to cropped sweater and shredded sweater.

4. Buy smart: I realized that I most often wear my used/thrifted clothes than the very fast-fashion clothes I bought new. Since they are more different and less EN VOGUE, I keep them for a longer time. On the other hand, the more I pay for a NEW garment, the more I am likely to wear it in 5 years.

5. Let go off the old stuff: If I can’t up-cycle it or make it look better: give it away. If I have the feeling I might want to wear it in the future: keeper.

6. Never get rid of shoes / boots: I know, that’s not very « voluntary simplicity »… but I found out that all my shoes have their role to play in my quiver and it might take them 10 years to make their come-back, but I know they will.

7. Organize: Store the clothes clean, by « season » in plastic boxes with a Bounce sheet to prevent odors.

* Separate blacks from the colors.

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Aren't those pieces of art work amazingly awesome?! I love. I intend on recreating them with a little help from my teacher. And the stripes. I'm in the process of dyeing fabric with country's colors, then letting it dry. I'll let you in on a little secret...the way the colors are seeping into one another is NOT planned. Yep, a happy accident.

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Here's some picture lovin' by yours truly :)

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Johnny I Missed You....

I haven't watched this show in YEARRRRRS! I miss it sooo much, he was so funny and charming. I always wanted my own Johnny Bravo :) I recently remembered him when other classmates of mine started watching videos of the show in class...kind of annoying but definitely brought back some memories! I'll have to watch some vids on youtube! Maybe I'll post on in this post...MAYBE I WILL!

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My! Finally there are some decent pictures up of the royal wedding..especially Kate! They look so adorable, Kate looks gorgeous, and I think William is the cutest! Sooooo happy for them! Everything good happened this weekend! :) Congrats to the happy couple again! :)

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