Back for a Sec....

HOPEFULLY later today I will be posting a nice post, maaaaaybe a..........DIY!!! not from me, but from a bloger I follow, whom I mention like every time I've posted, yes, it's ELSIE!!!!! Yay, I know! It's gonna be awesome! Since I haven't been posting, here's a list of basically what has been going on in my life:
-I went to a dance performance yesterday. It was AH-MAHZING! Long, but amazing.
-I've had Mack for over a month now.
-I'll be painting my room pink soon!!!! EXCITED much?! VERY MUCH SO!
-LOTS of work.
-Been spending a WHOLE LOTTA time with my bestest friend Becca.
-I've gotten a lot closer to my bestie Eh :D
-Been doing qiute a bit of my favourite thing......BIKING!
-Losing touch with some people :(
-Thinking of ways to fix my Laptop! $200 to get it fixed at Best Buy!!! Damn! (Just might have to :[ )
-Thinking up ideas for photoshoots.
-Sketching out ideas for stamp prints
-Watched the "Backup Plan" (HI-LAHRIOUS!!!!!!!!)
-Taslking with my Mom :)
-Thinking about......someone.
-Trying to make new friends.(out with the old, in with the new....sorta)
-Being OBSESSED with candles. LMFAO!
-Having a little bit fun, lot stressful, kinda strange, time.
XOXO, stefanie


I'm back! But not really...

Yes, I'm posting in like what has been fooooooorever! And since I'm back , for this post... I'm going to do what my good friend Bee dared me to do; type bananas, green, and sky somewhere in this post, and there you have it! hahaha. I'll even repeat it for you: bananas, green, and sky :P

Here are some pics for you guys to enjoy:
*diesel* hola! :P
yep, there you go!
Plus! a link to this awesome girls' photostream on flickr:

Just remember, I love you all!
xo, stefanie