Comic Con > Buffy Fest (overdue)

A week ago I went to a comic con with my bestie Ally. We went for the Buffy Fest because...Well, we're fanatics, more me than her, but ya :P
 And while we were there...
All I can say is...I LOVE him.

*nicholas brendon*

It was $30 to get his autograph, or $15 to get a picture with him, so....we took a picture of JUST him :P
Then we went to a q&a with him. My lord! The man is funny as hell! I can't repeat what he said because it would seriously offend A LOT of ppl. You had to be there to get the jokes :P
He said he might offend people because of the codeine in the cough syrup...I have other theories...

 I still love him though! :

xo, stefanie


I Need A Place

My cat is cuter than yours
I need an inspirational place to take my photographs...
Like this beautiful home...

xo, stefanie


Oh Dear Audrey...

"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone." —Audrey Hepburn

xo, stefanie

p.s. I bought my mom this print for christmas...it looks so beautiful in the gorgeous gold frame it's in.

Something So Stunningly Beautiful

I found this on one of my favourite blogs...

xo, stefanie

Inspiration Journal


I want to start one.

xo, stefanie


I Support...

Read the Printed Word!

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Don't you love how it looks?
It's so....PRETTYYY!

xo, stefanie


I can't breathe, everything's gona change...

Today was an eventful day...sort of. I spent time with a good friend of mine. Had my skinny-ass-self a Caesar salad (keeping up the stereo type) and a cinnabon. Went to see Red Riding Hood, very sexxy/hot men in there by the way, and did some shopping. Needless to say, i found something i really liked, was broke, then realized i had a gidftcard i could've used. Maybe it was karma for just getting a salad :/
Anywho, I PROMISE to take some pictures tmrw, and upload them so you can see points of view from my day...tomorrow. Ya...anywho! Hope you have a lovely night, and here's some inspiration for you lovelies...

xo, stefanie

Life is Beautiful

 Life...is beautiful.
This is a movie, not justone of my random realizations.
Though a realization in its own.
The movie is actually a comedy, romance, and tragedy all wrapped in one.
Now how about that?!
Well, the man (seen in the picture) falls in love and weds the woman (in the picture also), and they have a child (guess what i'm going to say...). There's humor. And then there's darkness.
See, the moive is also about the holocaust.
The family is jewis, and are taken to a concentration camp.
The part that gets me is how the father convinces his son that they are there to play a game' and if they get 1000 points' the son will win a tank, and get to go home.
He brings light into the darkest of moments. All up until his execution by a nazi.
Thank the lord this wasn't a true story...
But does it really matter?

xo, stefanie

P.S. Watch this or DIE! :P joking!...no seriously.



I've gotten into the comic-drawing mood. I have no idea why, but I'm embrassing it. And part of embrassing it means creating a comic. Mine, is called AsianVille. I don't care if you offended, it wasn't mean't to be offence, and if you can't take it lightly...well then...who cares?! I'm having fun making them, and i hope you have fun reading them. they'll becoming to your computer screen shortly this week.

xo, stefanie


For March Break...I brought my camera along!
Looks like they'll be some "real life" photos up soooooon :)

xo, stefanie


Blue Bloods

The people who police the paradise you live in, make it hell.

xo, stefanie



I haven't been this exhausted in awhile.
I swear that I'm about to pass out on my desk.
2 hours and 45 minutes left.

xo, stefanie