I have decided to do this to one of my tshirts.

xo, stefanie
p.s. I might show you when I'm done.



Feeling the effect of summer neutrals and pastels. Love it. Hope you like this. Just know; this is my first polyvore set EVER...so be gentle.
xo, stefanie


second(hand) cup


Doesn't that blueberry cheescake look goooood? I know. Unfortunately for me I am basically unable to scarf down that delicious piece of cake due to the soreness of my teeth. A well! I guess I'll have to ignore those biscotti too...for now.

xo, stefanie



DIY BLACK HEART TEE - fashion video tutorial by Boat People Boutique from Boat People Vintage Boutique on Vimeo.

I loooooove this DIY from boat people boutique, and I'm feeling inspiration coming onto me. I think I'll do something like this, then post it after I'm done.

xo, stefanie


bloor street fair

Well, I enjoyed my Sunday by spending the whole day with one of my best friends, along with my mom, and her best friend. I first part of the day was spent at the Antique Market across from the St.Lawrence Market, and the many dogs of Woofstock (HUGE dog street fair that went on for the whole weekend--piture of man with dod in a snuggie is from the fair) with my best friend. Then later moving on to Bathurst & Bloor for the Bloor street fair  with my mom, her best friend, and my best friend. It's one of my favourite places in Toronto and one of the most interesting. It has lots of cute little shops with unique items, and so we enjoyed ourselves very much, including; eating "potato tornados", LOTS of free frozen yogurt samples from Menchies, tea from Davids Tea, crazy buttons and awesome sidewalk signs from Outer Layer (the first picture reminds me of my mom, the third of my dad), and eatting wings, fries, and special sauce from St.Louis! Yummm! Hope you guys had a fun weekend too!

xo, stefanie


cuteness overload

Aren't they the CUTEST things you've ever seen! I know! My Dad spotted them infront of the dealership he works at. They were in the front lot, and just like the dad he is, he snpped and sent me this picture. I nearly died of a cuteness overdose.

xo, stefanie


This is my visual packing list for last weekend *never got around to posting it*. It includes; my HP Mini laptop and charger, vintage crop-top, jean shorts from stitches, vintage guess tshirt from guess jeans, brown satchel-type bag from god knows where, gifted vintage blue dress, vintage scarf, zipper-back tank top from forever 21, vintage Dorothy Vernon cardigan, H&M summer time magazine, favourite summer time magazine pages from may/june/july issues, book The Help, dics 3/4 of Buffy and Angel season 5, spare wallet from Nine West, Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion, my makeup bag, and purple & blue La Senza bras . You won't know this, but I am usually a heavy packer. I like to pack for every type of situation, weather outcome, event, all for one weekend. However, as of lately, I have decided to start packing light. And I like it. I like having to make do with what I've got, and having to create new outfits from the limited items brought with me, it's like a challenge. Also, it's an even greater challenge for me since I change my outfit two or three times a day. That's Stefanie for ya.

xo, stefanie

BloggerLove// Manuel Rebollo

I love this  man's artwork! It's so dark and whimsical to me. Maybe not to you, but to me. Anywho, I love it and I hope you love it too.

xo, stefanie

Meeting The Queens

I went to BOTH queen streets awhile ago but haven't had the time to post up the pictures. I had some company along the way, from the beginning to a paper store that was closed but had such a amazing picture of a person made of sheets of pictured pieces of paper pieced together, then to closed shop windows, old historic pretty buildings with flowers and wild gardens. Then onto the library by the beaches and mural of where we were at the time. All in all it was very nice and enjoyable, plus a shot of hectic. Hope you guys have interesting places to go to and enjoy.

xo, stefanie


I know, I know. I've changed the blog's look sooo much, but I'm just not happy enough with it. And I'll probably get bored of this at some point in time but bear with it, I know I'll either keep the background black or white.

xo, stefanie

p.s. tell me what you think
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