*bad picture quality*

I found this photograph at a thift store. I bought with a bunch of postcards to further add to my obssession :P
And I have to say that I love it. Even though it's so old the photo is exTREMELY clear. The swans, the house/building in the backof the photo, the trees, everything. It's a gorgeous photo and I'm happy I found it. There was even a hand-written comment by the original owner on it. So cute!
What do you think?
Love it?
xo, stefanie


Sometimes it's hard to realise that your not okay with being alone. Sometimes you just got to face it, that you DO need some company. Or that you do need a man (or woman). No one wants to admit. And the ones who do admit it go overboard and rely solely on that person. There's a sense of pride and independence that comes from being alone, and sure, there are people that are alright with being alone; like hermits. And I will admit it, there is only so much family company, or friend company that can take up the space a bf/gf can. I love my family...sometimes...and I love my friends, but it does get lonely. And you end up wondering. When am I going to get someone?
xo, stefanie


 Some pictures from my life...if you wanted to know...
 *...and a step to the riiiight.*
 *some mornings, you just need to take a picture*
*don't youlove him :)*
*one of my fav (free) mags*
*a foggy morn...love though.*
*me working on my scarf (which is done) and checking out abeautifulmess.typepad.com*

*amazingly original, I would buy it if it were for sale.*

p.s. Again I'm having problems with the posting. DAMN blogger!

xo, stefanie


Ramblings of a Thoughtless Thinker

 I was just thinking...how I'm so stuck in a rut right now, that I really need to break free. I've been in this rut for a couple of years now, and I know I won't really be happy until I get out of it. But the thing is. I can't get out of it right now. But if it gets to be too much I'll have to take drastic measures next year, but if I want to play it safe...it's going to be another two years. TWO YEARS! Do you think my happiness is not important enough to have to wait two years to BE happy?!?! Unfortunately, I can't really do anything about the situation right now because if I do something about it right now, it could jeopardize my future. I can't jeopardize my future. It's the only way I'll be able to get out of the rut. What's the rut you say?
My life.
No, I'm not suicidal, I'm talking about the life I'm living now. I'm bored, and uninspired. I find no point in anything because I'm unhappy and the only sliver of happiness I'm going to get in less than a year, is when I go on my trip to New York next year in the summer. I belong in New York. I loooooove New York. Actually there are not great enough words to describe how much I want to be in New York for the rest of my life. I get giddy just thinking about it. I have tears of happiness just when I'm THINKING about it. You don't know how much New york means to me. It means a lot.

That's for listening.
xo, stefanie


Second Cup and a Pumpkin Spice Latte...long time agoooooo

So a couple of weks ago, I went to second cup because I had to use the internet for work. While there I decided to try their Pumpkin Spice Latte. If I had to rate it our of 5, I'd give is a 3. It was nice and I plan on doing a segment for the blog, were I will post one BIG post rate all these limited time drinks from second cup, the next one on my list...GINGERBREAD LATTE.

silly bandz!

have an awesome day. p.s. you can tell just how behind I am in posting! :P
xo, stefanie!


Hey there chicas and chicos! Well, I've been trying to post posts but everywhere I go the internet is down. It's like a meltdown! loool. anywho! these are some life pics that I took just for the hell of it.

pretty two.
love the colour!
 love this car.
nothing happened, the pic just turned out cool.
project I was working on. to a turn for the worst :(
cool two too.

yep, that's me, and people, and life...and cats...AND COPS! hahahaha, more posts coming soon.

xo, stefanie


THe Bata Shoe Museum

A few weeks ago, I went to the Bata Shoe Museum with a couple of my friends, here are some pictures of our day for you to enjoy! :)

Shaq's shoe!

Madonna's shoes!

JUDY GARLAND'S SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elvis' shoes!!!!!

TErry Fox's shoe!