Current obsessions...

Yes, I have an obsesive side, and if you wanna blame my lack of blogging on something...blame my obssessions!
Angel (t.v. series)

plain chocolate cake...yum.

krazy glue! fo my projects!

And.....BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER! I could die over this, it's an addiction.
THis show also got me into Angel.

So don't blame me when I don't post all that oftenn...it's because I'm busy with all of my obssessions... :D

xo, stefanie


What a hectic life!

I have so much going on! I have numerous projects that have to either be completed or started! Some studying to do! And a bucket load of social events! ugh! sometimes you just want some piece and quiet! :)

here are some pics i took last night in the car...i have to say, i love them. :D

ciao for now! :)

xo, stefanie


What life has been like after all this time...

I know this blog isn't doing so well. I know I haven't posted in a looooong time. And I know I've let you down. But I'm trying to bring it back.
Here's what's instore for the blog:
-Regular posting(coming back gradually)
-Links to "sponsors"
-reposting of "sponsors" requirement
-sponsor emails to those I've chosen
-happiness and fun :)

hope all goes well! :D eeks!

xo, stefanie


Too bad.

I always thought that life would be a little more fun. Not as much stress, not as much drama, and not as many heart breaks, even when they're not coming from a romantic relationship. I lost a friend today. 3 years we'd been friends then...poof. gone. Lets get back on another happier note...please.

hug a friend today.
xo, stefanie