day two of the "ugh"

great to be back...  : /

Sorry for the crappy quality, my camera's battery is dead, and...ya. Anywho, these are photos from yesterday, and I'll basically be posting photos of the day before the day AFTER they were taken, unless otherwise noted. So, uuuummmmm...ya, I had a lot of fun playing with my glob of sticky tac, which I bit, and accidentally put my head on top of (not my face in the third to last photo). And it was basically just work, work, work. LIke you should have guessed...UGH!


New and Wise Decisions

I have decided that I am going to turn my blog into a photo blog, this way it's less of a hassle, easy to post, I can do something I love, and thant's it. I will be just photos with maybe a little written part at the bottom, describing what's in the pictures for that day, etc. But it all depends on how I feel. I hope this turns our good.

xo, stefanie

Back for a moment

I'm in neutral mode right now. Feeling...okay. Hopefully I'll get back to normal soon.