I wonder...sometimes.
Only sometimes.
I always wonder.
That's right.
I ALWAYS wonder.
Do you?
I wonder if you do...
I wonder if you wonder about the wonderous of things.
Do that make sense...I wonder.
I wsometimes wonder about things an everyday person may not wonder about.
About the people who drive their cars on the highway, as I'm alos on the highway.
About the people in the grocery store picking fruit, or nuts, or nuts and fruit.
I just wonder about who they are.
What they're like.
What their lives are like.
I wonder about things liuke that.
About how much you don't know about a person.
How much you COULD know about a person.
I wonder about my wondering sometimes.
Sometimes...I wonder.
Just sometimes...

xo, stefanie

Would you ever date a black guy ?

of course :)

Ask me anything



Shinning.Sparkling. Beautiful. Song. Dance.

Not the city...the movie.Well, it could also be the city...but no. I'm talking about the movie. The movie I'm watching right now at this moment as I type this, listening to Mr. Celophane.
I've been watching all these "old" VHSs, all of them. Well all the good ones at least :)
God I missed this movie! I only watched it once a loooong time ago. But I'm glad I'm watching it now.
The murder, mystery, deceit, the costumes! By the way, I didn't know most of the people in this movie could sing!Something that really entertains is the the courts and lawyers in this movie. The lying, cheating and full out dishonesty. How these lawyers could get away with this is past me. But that's the movies right?
God I love the costumes! The Flappers with the tassels and sequins. Even the nightgown with lace and shear. The hair! My! The hair! How I would love to have my hair look like even their messiest of hair days! The perfect waves that softly flow thru their hair, lord! my hair would never look like that! Haha.
Well...I dnt really want to type that long so I'm going to finish my movie :)
If you haven't seen it................SEE IT!

xo, stefanie

p.s. Youtube the "Cell Block Tango from CHICAGO", the performance in awesome :)


Tonight I sat up late at night with my pillow, blanket, caramel-corn, chocolate cake, berry juice, a recliner and one of my favourite movies.
Sleepless in Seatle.
Yes, the one with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan that was made in 1993.
I must say that I will forever love Tom Hanks, even if he were to pull a "Tiger Woods" and sleep with 14 women. I wouldn't be able to change my view or love of him. But that's another post for another day.
As for Meg Ryan...well! If Tom Hanks weren't married, I would wish those two together any time. Such chemistry and romance, even in this movie--which was the first movie they ever did together--they didn't even have that many scenes together yet the emotion was there, it just can't be denied even today. However, this movie isn't even my favourite of their's!
My favourite would have to be You've Got Mail, a movie they did together 6 years after Sleepless in Seatle.
That movie makes my heart hurt every time. Not because it's heart-wrenching or depressing, its the shear thought of true love with the unlikely.
One aspect of You've Got Mail that I absolutely love is that, at the beginning of the movie and throughout you see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters pass each other by everyday and never notice once. To see someone everyday, to pass them by and never give them a second thought, to not stop and look around for once. It just leaves me flabbergasted everytime. It makes me think about the people I pass everyday, the people I ignore on the bus, in the grocery store, on the sidewalk...
Never do we notice who we come into contact with.
Maybe that new boss of yours went to the same cafe as you for 2 years and bought the exact same sandwhich as you everyday at the exact time that you would always order yours, and maybe you even got his sandwhich and he got yours because you couldn't tell whose was whose, and he just became that guy you would refer to as "the guy who always gets the same sandwhich as me", and finally, 2 years later...he's your boss. Who knew?!
No one, that's who, because like I said, we don't stop and take a second...no, not a second, a few minutes to look around. Whether the reason be that you have to be at work on time, be at school on time, or you're just too absorbed with your life, your-self, to not notice the...oh, I don't know...the man that sits across from you on the subway everyday just so he can catch a glimpse of you between the hoard of people because he's madly in love with you, or maybe the guy in your science class who asks you for your notes every week even though he writes up perfectly good notes by himself but you just never seem to notice.
Now I';ve gotten carried away, but you see my point...
My god! I'm not even talking about the movie I just watched!
Sleepless in Seatle has a different kind of love. Its the love of a person you've never met before yet you can't help but fall madly inlove with them.
"Meet me at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's day"
Lord, do I wish a (gentle)man would say that to me...
Let's pull a Chuck and Blair scene, only without the cheating and bullets.
Or let's do it the old-fashioned way from An Affair to Remember...only without the disappointment, taxi accident, or cripple-ness.
On second thought...let's just do it our way.
Let's fall in love without regret, let's hurt without restriction, and let's forgive without forgetting.
Love.......let's do it all.
xo, stefanie

p.s. You have got to watch Sleepless in Seatle, You've Got Mail, and An Affair to Remember!
p.p.s. there's one scene on valentine's day when a huge heart lights up the empire state building on all sides...my new york obsession showing :P



Confundled Bundle

Life can be confusing. Yes, you've probably figured that out by now. And you're now wondering if im some psychic who could see into the future and nothing was confusing because i new exactly what was going on and now i've lost my power, but no. I just dont know what to think of life in the generalist of forms. One second you're being thrown curveballs, the next you're taking a walk. Take my life for instance. Friends, family, relationships, school, etc. All mixed and messed up. people, hurting, people missing, people leaving, all and everything. But then things start to fall into place, people come together, people come back (slowly) and some leave (for the better), and then there are the new people you never noticed before until now, and they come into your life, and finally, there are of course the people who will always remain with you, thru thick and thin. And when everything comes together, there's bliss. And then there's excitement, emotion, and everything-ness. all there in one pot, stirring, mixing, and creatings something tasty and delicious.
Its a recipe for happiness.
Sometimes i ADORE life.
xo, stefanie

Off The Rails

You know when you have those random days? When nothing and everything is happening? When you don't have have to do anything but everything you have to do. And that that everything you have to do is stuff you DON'T want to do? Well, I hate those days. I hate having boring responsibilities, and having to give up time in your life to do those things, when I'd rather be doing what I want. Having fun, spending quality time, catching up with friends...living. God damn responsibilities that are supposed to bring you to your future. Maybe my future doesn't happen by staying within the lines. Maybe my future is going off the rails into a land of fun, love, creativity, and life in general.
I don't want to just waste away.

xo, stefanie