2 years...

Well if you MUST know...I was at a party yesterday afternoon to evening, so that was the reason behind the lack of posts. :)
It was a very close friend's birthday gathering, so I OBVIOUSLY couldn't say no! haha
I haven't seen my friend in over 2 years, she is a very close friend who I've known since her birth. I have known her brother for a little bit longe than that, so we're very close too. Her and I are practically like family. Her brother is like a best friend to me. We're the type of friends who have not seen eachother for a couple of years, and within two seconds of seeing each other, will start a conversation. No awkward silences, or strange looks, just...revelation :)
It's fantastic :D
FOr untold reasons we were torn apart, but now we're back together again, and stronger than ever :)

Love you guys!!!!

xo, stefanie

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