Kensington in the Winter :)

Yesterday, i went shopping with the fam and friends to Kensington Market. I had never been to Kensington Market before, and yesterday just seemed like the perfect time...random, i know. There are tonnes of little shops, restaurants, and stores, its now one of my favourite places to shop :) Its so fun just to walk around and see the different places, you dnt have to buy anything, just looking around is nice. We went to this little restaurant that had All-Day breakfast, i should've taken a picture, but it was a sesame seed(street...jks) bagel with cream cheese[the cheese was soooooo fluffy....yuuuum! :)], and a ceasar salad, it was suuuuch a cute restaurant, i'dnt even remember the name, but the food was great, and the atmosphere was nice :D
We went to A LOT of vintage shops, the clothes where cute, but i wasn't really there to shop, i just wanted to have a good time. There was a pie shop that we went to on our way back to my friend's house (she lives downtown), we had gone into the cafe earlier on that day but didn't want to buy anything then, we went in though and the food was tasty just looking at it, they had mini lemon meringue pie that was soooo cute :), but when we came back on the way back, all the pies we wanted to get were gone :(, but i got these 3 mini red-velvet cupcakes, which at the time i didnt know were vegan, but they were good (except the icing), i have no idea what the icing was supposed to taste like, but it tasted nasty! the actual cupcake was deeeeeelicous though :D We also went top the "Clik Klak" down there, i have always loved their stuff, but i have always thought that their prices were too high, but i ended up getting a pair of skull leggings from there :P, my first ever item of clothing from Clik Klak :D
Some other fun things we did were:
-meeting a cute little dog at a vintage clothing shop, who was as spoiled as ever :)
-see a guy playing the bongos outside the All-Day breakfast place
- found a very real-looking hair coat, which looked like it might have been made out of real hair...jks :P
-went to a Dim Sum restaurant which was supposed to have Dim Sum all-day, but we ended up coming on the wrong day(oh well), we still had good food
- wnet to this little accesories store (next to Clik Klak :P ), and bought a cute pink and black bauble ring :)

snapshots from the adventures we had :D

the pie shop's(more like a cafe) business card

the beautiful lemon meringue pie we never got to eat...boo :(

bongo player :)

some ah-mazing grafitti on the side of some rando building

the hairy coat...srry the quality isn't that great

that spoiled dog i was talking about...(her name was miley and her owner had her all bundled up in his coat, then as we were leaving, he put a pair of sunglasses on her, of course i took a picturee :)]

hope you enjoy my little post on my Kensington adventure :)

xo, stefanie

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