CHeckin IN

Sorry guys, but I haven't been able to post today's stuff because I am ccurrently in my resting spot, and the internet is not working on my computer!!!! Ahhhh! But anywho, IT' MARCH BREAK!!!!!!! And I'll be resting and relaxing in a big ol' house(minus the ol' ), while Bee is off enjoyin her Euro excurtion with Jussie and Keith(WITHOUT ME!!!!) haha. It's okay, I forgive them...*a little* :P
But anyways, you guys probably already know that Eh is in Niagra Fallssss!! Yahs, Now she has the whole Canadian thing down pat :) (p.s. Im a proud Canadian :P ) Hope you guys are enoying your break (for those who have the break :P ). I know I'll be enjoying mine :D

(no picture)
xo, stefanie

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