A Cup of Tea

B:It's just not my cup of tea.
L:Just not your cup of tea you say?!
B:Yes, not my cup of tea.
L:Well, what type of tea do you prefer?!?!?!?!
B:Something sweet, but not too, something tangy, but not too, too.
L:Well, it looks like you'll never have your cup of tea! For there is nothing like that!
B:Ah, but there is dear friend. There is..................It's Him.
L:Who's Him?!
B:Why Him of course?!?!
L:Who's Him?!
B:Haven't you ever heard of Him?!?!
L:Why no!
B:Well then you've never lived my friend, for Him is a boy of swagger and style, and nothing(it seems) is worth his time, but me(sometimes), and him.
L:Why he seems to tragic.
B:Tragic you say?!
L:Yes tragic I say. For what is a boy(if not a man) who can't be caught by anything, not even you. Whose eye wanders at the slightest event, if it an event at all!
B:Why do you utter such things! He is who he is! A man or boy, both in the same, a romantic inside, with a lovable shell. I crave for the slightest look my way, the tiniest wave, or the smallest gesture. For anything from him would be gold.
L:Gold you say?! Hah! Gold you say?! Please hold your tongue before it begins to come loose! You are just a victim of lust and envy. If it be not one thing, it will be another, for you see him in your eyes as nothing but perfect. But you would be wrong, just by words I can tell what he is like, someone who knows what he is, and does wha he likes, and doesn't care who he hurts!
B:Stop it! Stop it! you know of nothing! You have neither met nor encountered Him in any way! He is the pinticle of my dreams, the lust(that you say) of my wanting. But I know what will be, and what will not. For he is of ebony, and I of ivory. Both by comparison, relation, and seperation.
L:Ebony and Ivory you say, I see. Well then I musn't worry, for you wil never be together. No worries there.
B:Maybe, maybe not. You never know what fortunes will be brought to us. A laugh, a smile, a hug, a kiss. You never know me friend, you never know...
L:Oh I know alright! It's best to just forget him.
B:Forget him!!!!What an outrage it brings to me when you say that! Forget him?! Forget HIM?!?!?! I could never forget him, he's not like the others, he's.......different, he's.....better.
L:Whatever! You've just gone to far, and if you ever come back, it will be in pieces, for I tell you, this will not end well.
B:Oh nevermind, I cannot change your thoughts, but I can end it at any moment!
L:Oh nevermind you say? Then nevermind we shall, so let us sit and talk(about the latest affairs).........and drink, a cup, of tea.

by:Stefanie Alexandra

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