Well! My sewing machine isn't working!!! I had just taken it out to use it for the first time today, and it didn't work! It started for maybe two seconds and then stopped all together! I tried everything, I even had my grandmother come over, she's better with the technical stuff. But we still couldn't fix it. Now let me tell you, my machine is not new, it's actually quite old, proabably more than 20 years-old! zbut the thing is, is that it was working very well maybe a little more than a week before, and then when I bring it home, and start to use it, it doesn't work! Maybe we weren't mean't to be :( But I love that sewing machine its so vintage-y and...ME!! I hope the problem can get fixed. I f you know anything about what might have happened to my sewing machine, please tell me!!! I will greatly appreciate it!!!!

te amo, stefanie

buenos noches!

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