MY Obsessions

My bestie Eh from thenewsheriffsintown.webs.com just posted a post about her current obessions, and it got me thinking as to what my current obsessions are.
Here they are:
-Crazy beautiful postcards
-Sketching like mad(fashion sketches)
-Eco-friendly anything(eco-club)
-Making myself more interesting
-Making a list of DIYs(for the blog)
-Looking fabulous
-Finding my stle(still uncertain)

Why don't you guys tell me your current obsessions :)

(no image)
xo, stefanie

p.s. We HAVE  to get together!! We should go down to Kensington Market to go to the Vintage clothing place(and try on every crazy piece there :P )

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Anonymous said...

haha me?? id love too!!!! except for the fact that im totally sick :(


PS mallot...hmmm mallot?? imteresting its making me type that in below???
mallot.is that a word...questions...