Well, do to my crazy schedule, otrageous spur-of-the-moment vacations, and over-load of work, I'm going to have to make quite a few adjustments to the blog, some things will disappear, some things will get "re-vamped", and some NEW things will be coming to Empire Identity! :)
So here you are:
-No more Music Monday( I'll post music when I am able to)
-17s500 will be starting up again
-Picture of the day will be continuing
-No "Oh You Pretty Things Sunday"
-I will still be doing "Friday's Inspiration"
-I will most likely just randomly post inspiration posts any time I want (they will be albums on facebook, if you dnt have facebook, ask a fiend)
- I am promoting for you to become a fan of Empire Identity on Facebook :D
-DIY Monday will be put on hold until futher notice :(
-There may be a giveway in the future...hmm..... :P

that's it for now!
xo, stefanie

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