CD Cover DIY:By Elsie>Promise

Hi! It's Promise. This all started when I was cleaning out and organizing my new studio when I came across Audrey Assad's indie album packaging from a few years ago (photo below). She is an amazingly talented singer/songwriter with a great idea on how to package cds. She just threw it in a paper bag and wrote her title on the front. Whether you are an indie artist that needs a low budget packaging option OR you just like to make mixed cds for your friends, this DIY is super fun and easy. Inspired by Audrey's great idea I expanded on it a little more. Here's how:

INGREDIENTS: You will need the following items: small paper bags, scissors, twine, string, or yarn, your cd, and printable sticker paper. I got my sticker paper at staples.

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Anonymous said...

aw this is such a cute idea!