Bus Catastrophe!

Oh My God was I ever the biggest clutz/loser yesterday on the bus, but it waaaas pretty hilarious. I was on the bus coming home (one of those buses that have a few steps up to high seating), and I was just about to step onto the second last step when the bus did this HUGE lurch and I tripped over the step BACKWARDS and this hot guy tried to catch me before I fell but he was too late and I fell full onto the floor of the higher level. I tried to get up and do this leg this to get me back up while the hot  (russian :P ) guy was trying to help me up and ended up showin' under my skirt because I couldn't find my under armor that morning, and needless to say, I was NOT wearing proper underwear...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I were younger I would've probably been so embarrased and close to tears, but I actually felt like bursting in to full on hilarious laughter, but I had to hold it in because I thought that would be to weird, but I did laugh all the way home, and the neighbours probably thought I was crazy. HAHAHAHA! Oh what a day. What. A. Day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

aren't are buses ugly?! hahaha

have an awesome day ppl!

xo, stefanie

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