Alright, I know I said that I want to keep my private life seperate from the blog, but I also said that it might seep in sometimes, like now :) But I reaaaaally have to talk about this one. Okay, so this happened a couple of weeks agao, but I've been cotemplating about telling anyone other than my very closest-cousin, and now have decided I want to share this with my readers. Okay, so you know when you meet that perfect guy; hot/handsome, great personality, (*good teeth :P), everything goin for him? (okay, this may not happen to EVERYONE, but it happened to me). But then you find out something UNpleasant about them? LIke they live in another country?! Well, that's what happened to me too. I was on the subway and I got on to one of the old mustard colored trains and there was this one seat section and I wasn't paying attention to the scarse people around me, so I sat down...right across from one of the most handsome gys I have EVER seen. His name was James. We talked for an hour about all different kinds of things, world issuses, life, who we are, what we do, how life is treating us (life works in mysterious ways with me...), etc. OH! Did I mention he had an Australian accent?! I knoooooow! <3 And finally we talked about where we came from, and it turns out, as my luck would have it, that he was from Australia (duh!) on a trip here to Canada, and he was actually leaving for home that day!!! I knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Just my luck right?!?!?! Anywho, he ended up telling me a little more about himself, and then we came to his subway stop. But here's the catch...just before he got off.....NO, I can't tell you...oh alright! HE KISSED ME! I knooooooooow!
*And we're not talking cheek here*

Life is straaaaaange, and cruel :)

that's my story for the year :P

go out and find your perfect guy! haha

xo, stefanie

p.s. I don't regret anything :)

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