Here comes the bride...here comes the bride...

The weddign bug must be going round...
Yes, I have now embraced the beauty that is family weddings. I ignored and refused so many invitaions to random family weddings, that I probably will never forgive myself. I don't think I ever actually knew the bride and groom. I don't even really know this bride and groom! I used to hate family weddings because they were all from my Dad's side of the family (this one too). And I would think to myself, "Who am I going to talk to?" "What am I going to to do the whole night?" But now I am starting to go to the weddings because I see other people who seem to have so much fun at them. So here I am, awaiting my first wedding in god knows how long today at 4pm. I'm still not completely happy with having to sit in a church for over an hour...BORING!

Note to self: Only do receptions.


xo, stefanie

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