Just Another Lunch at the Windsor Arms...(Part 1)

Just so we're clear, I obviously wasn't going to take pictures in the hotel because;
a) I know what the hotel looks like inside and out
b) It looks soooo touristy when people do that
c) I was enjoying the food! :P

Also, all these photos are pretty random, but I was bored in the car (no limo this time, but I did get a driver) and you'll just have to deal with my randomness.

(obviously we were on Bloor St. E.)

(taking a very green side road to the highway, blurry photos that I'm trying to perfect)

(there was a homeless person wandering around just up ahead)

(my purse and shoes-keep this in mind when you see my dress)

(this was an accident)
(this wasn't :P )

(construction as usual)

(I'm such a stalker-hahaha)

(I could've really gone for a tub of Haagen Dazs at that moment)

(this guy took FOREVEEEEEEER to turn)

(Dew...such a cute store)

(I sooooo wish we had normal yellow taxis all the time instead of these co-op ones, and beck taxi-yuck)

(^^^^^^^ I want that caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!)

(I'm not religious...but this is a pretty good shot :D )

(again...NOT religious)

(now that's a good shot)

(I like this one...)

(eh, whatever...)

Well that's part ONE of my photos, you'll be able to see what I wore later, the second part may even come later today...

xo, stefanie

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