My Life! >:(

At moments my life seems great, or content, or happy, maybe sad, and then there's just downright horrible and unfair! I call my mother today to tell her how I'm doing in my online course (one of the teacher's an idiot) and we talk about other things, and then she tells me about how she got invited to the SOLD OUT Bon Jovi concert TONIGHT by her best friend (Lily)! No, I don't get to go, I'm ot invited, it's not like I've been listening to the radio every day as they give out tickets to the twentieth caller for the SOLD OUT show (which I have). No! I don't get that, I don't go toconcerts! No, my mother does! For a last minute invite!
Ugh! I need some goodness right now :(

*god he's gorgeous*

xo, stefanie

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