Oooo! Ahhh!

Yes! I know this was a day late, but blgger wasn't posting my video, so I had to use vimeo and that takes forever, and I ended up forgetting to post it. Anywho!...
Well the wedding was beautiful, small and cozy, and oh so very cute. The bride (my second cousin) was absolutely beautiful from head to toe, she's really sweet and they had the cute idea of having thai food boxes with their names and wedding date on it, and then you could fill the boxes with candy that was put in bowls and bowls by the entrance to the reception.

THis stupid guy that was in front of me was always in my shots or blocking them completely! argh...
(they're so adorable together)
I got to see a lot of the family that I don't usually see, mostly cause I can't remember them :P And the food was absolutely delicious, uncommon for weddings, but I guess if you have a smaller wedding you can spend more money on the food :)
I had steak and chicken, and OH MY GOD it was cooked to perfection! Even the salmon (the alternative dish) looked so good. Everyone was pretty much nice looking. hahaha. My Dad was wearing a green sports coat, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and brown pants! hahahaha! Oh Dad... if you had just taken off the coat....oh well! hahaha. The bathrooms we very pretty too :) The whole thing was at a golf and country club, so it was obviously going to at least look nice :) At the end of the night everyone was basically outside in the hallways and by the entrance to the reception room talking, eating candy, and looking for epipens (someone had an allegic reaction). The speeches by the bride and groom were so sweet, and I filmed the first dance (the wrong way), and the bride and father dance.

1st Dance from stefanie alexandra on Vimeo.

(yesI kow its the wrong way, sorry! but it's just too cute not to put up)

All in all I think I'll be going to these things more often! *laugh*
xo, stefanie
p.s. OH! OH! Btw! I didn't have to sit in a church for over an hour, that part was held outside the club in the gazebo for like 15 minutes! Score! hahaha

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