A Sticky Situation

Ugh! I'm not used to this weather, down here in Toronto, 30-35 degrees C. To other people this may be nothing, but to me its very uncomfortable, mostly because I don't have air conditioning, and I'm too lazy to bring my extra fan up to my room (my ceiling fan sucks :P ). Its not a dry heat here (obviously), so its super humide and nasty and gross, and I have to get to the local library to do my online course :(
God I miss Fall! My favourite season is only a few months away...YIPEE! But then it only lasts for a few months, and goes into Winter (boo.). Why don't you guys tell me what your favourite season is?...
hair + humiodity = BAAAAAAD!

xo, stefanie

p.s. Blog makeover coming soon! eek! :D

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