I know its late! I'm sorry! I forgooooot! :P
But here it is!

So, what do we have here? Well, I told you that Im might not be going thrifting every week, but I would be still posting vintage pieces if I hadn't bought or seen anything lately. Sooooo, I actually just got this suitcase from my grandmother, it was my mom's and it had their address and old phone number on there and that's what I thought was so cute :) Unfortunately, my grandmother erased all that before she gave it to me! Ugh! But it's okay, I still wanted the suitcase for my vintage luggage collection. Oh! And the flower things are actually flower neck bows for girls, they're vintage too and I also got them from my grandmother, I haven't worn one yet, because it takes a certain outfit, aaaaand two of them are too big for my neck. :P hahahahahahahahaha. Anywho! I thought you would care to see. Also, another reason for my "Thrifting" being late is thatI did a mini photshoot with my bestie Becca/Becs. Who now has her own (photography) blog! CHECK IT OUT!

hope you  liked the "thrifting", it'll get better as I continue to do it :P

xo, stefanie

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