Another Update (I forgot)!

Yep, I'm offering, key word, offering sponsor space!
For free!!!
Yes, free!!!
I will be sending out emails to 40 applicants for the month of August. Now listen, I WON'T be accepting 40 blogs/people/companies/etc. I will only be accepting 20 applicants. The reason I will be sending out 40 offers is the fact all of them may not want to or be able to sponsor my blog and it will be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. First 20 to reply get the spots. Now, I know I may not now all the people/companies/bloggers/etc. That follow my blog, and I don't want it to become unfair, that is why I am giving readers, followers, twitters, friends of friends of friends of followers, etc the chance to email me a link to their blog/website/etc and I might mix it in if I see it has something to offer the blog. THAT IS NOT HOW THE TRUE SPONSORS WILL BE PICKED, as I said FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

Terms & Conditions:

-Sponsor must commit to at least one giveaway for the month they are sponsoring
-Sponsor's ad must be no wider than the "lovers" ads on the right hand side of the the blog >>>>>>>>>>>
-Sponsor is not enittled to pay any fee for their ad space
-Sponsor's ad will stay up on the blog unless I feel that they are not representing the blog appropriately(inappropriate comments, inappropriate ads, etc.)
-Sponsor will be annouced will all other sponsors when all the other sponsors are announced

my email is: healthylivingcms[at]hotmail[dot]com
disregard the gmail account I have given in the past.

xo, stefanie

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