So....what's happening for the month of August?! Hmm?! Hmm?! Anyone?! No? Well I'll tell you what!... Exciting things! First thing on my plate is the volunteering! I had a meeting with the person in charge and now I'm waiting for a call from them as to when I start, I had hoped I would be able to start tomorrow, but I KNOW that's not going to happen, not only because it's too short notice, but also because I have a prior (more important) engagement. Then there's the Taste of the Danforth this weekend! Loads of pictures will be taken, don't worry! More VBPs will be making their way to the internet :) My current obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still staying strong..no seriously...I would kill anyone who prevents me from watching it...okay, I might just smack them :P Giveaway is being arranged, though I still have to take pictures and organize, so hopefully it will be coming soon... As far as photoshoots go...well lets just say they AREN'T going, I'm not really at a point were there is anyone around to photograph, so yaaaa....Anywho! That's basically it for the updates, if anything else comes up I'll let you know!

xo, stefanie

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