Love Man

As you can probably tell, I was on the bus when I secretly took this photo. I feel in love with this man. Not in the sense that I wanted to jump him or marry him! But in the sense that he had a kind heart. Flowers, orange 80s sunglasses, the newspaper, and socks and sandals. I like to think that he was bringing those flowers to a loved one, just for the hell of it, not because of an occasion, just because he loved that person so much that he didn't need a reason to bring that person flowers. I want a man like that, I want to grow old with someone like that, I want to be loved like that, and in return, love like that. But I'm still young, and I know people think that people as young as me don"t know anything about love. But that's not true, we know of love, we know about it, around it, and thru it, what we might not know, is how it feels.

xo, stefanie

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