Shinning.Sparkling. Beautiful. Song. Dance.

Not the city...the movie.Well, it could also be the city...but no. I'm talking about the movie. The movie I'm watching right now at this moment as I type this, listening to Mr. Celophane.
I've been watching all these "old" VHSs, all of them. Well all the good ones at least :)
God I missed this movie! I only watched it once a loooong time ago. But I'm glad I'm watching it now.
The murder, mystery, deceit, the costumes! By the way, I didn't know most of the people in this movie could sing!Something that really entertains is the the courts and lawyers in this movie. The lying, cheating and full out dishonesty. How these lawyers could get away with this is past me. But that's the movies right?
God I love the costumes! The Flappers with the tassels and sequins. Even the nightgown with lace and shear. The hair! My! The hair! How I would love to have my hair look like even their messiest of hair days! The perfect waves that softly flow thru their hair, lord! my hair would never look like that! Haha.
Well...I dnt really want to type that long so I'm going to finish my movie :)
If you haven't seen it................SEE IT!

xo, stefanie

p.s. Youtube the "Cell Block Tango from CHICAGO", the performance in awesome :)

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