Comic Con > Buffy Fest (overdue)

A week ago I went to a comic con with my bestie Ally. We went for the Buffy Fest because...Well, we're fanatics, more me than her, but ya :P
 And while we were there...
All I can say is...I LOVE him.

*nicholas brendon*

It was $30 to get his autograph, or $15 to get a picture with him, so....we took a picture of JUST him :P
Then we went to a q&a with him. My lord! The man is funny as hell! I can't repeat what he said because it would seriously offend A LOT of ppl. You had to be there to get the jokes :P
He said he might offend people because of the codeine in the cough syrup...I have other theories...

 I still love him though! :

xo, stefanie

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