Closet Resolutions

So. I was reading one of the MANY blogs i follow, and I came across a "My Closet Resolutions" post. It basically inspired me to clean out my closet (as I've been doing for the past two weeks) and create a strategy. So I'm sharing the Resolutions post with you. You can find the original post here.


1. Know your inventory: instead of buying something new, I should know/remember that I have something of the same style stored in a box. which leads me to the other point;

2. Be more creative: mix and matching old stuff creates an all new style, no need to refresh everything each season! which leads me to my other point;

3. Sew more: From flare jeans to skinny jeans and from boyfriend to dropped crotch jeans, sometimes only few minutes on the sewing machine will re-shape an old friend into a new one! Here are a couple of DIY alterations I need to do: denim jeans to shorts, tee-shirts to tank top, stained tee to DIY dye tee, loose tee to fringe tank-top etc, sweaters to cropped sweater and shredded sweater.

4. Buy smart: I realized that I most often wear my used/thrifted clothes than the very fast-fashion clothes I bought new. Since they are more different and less EN VOGUE, I keep them for a longer time. On the other hand, the more I pay for a NEW garment, the more I am likely to wear it in 5 years.

5. Let go off the old stuff: If I can’t up-cycle it or make it look better: give it away. If I have the feeling I might want to wear it in the future: keeper.

6. Never get rid of shoes / boots: I know, that’s not very « voluntary simplicity »… but I found out that all my shoes have their role to play in my quiver and it might take them 10 years to make their come-back, but I know they will.

7. Organize: Store the clothes clean, by « season » in plastic boxes with a Bounce sheet to prevent odors.

* Separate blacks from the colors.

xo, stefanie

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