This is my visual packing list for last weekend *never got around to posting it*. It includes; my HP Mini laptop and charger, vintage crop-top, jean shorts from stitches, vintage guess tshirt from guess jeans, brown satchel-type bag from god knows where, gifted vintage blue dress, vintage scarf, zipper-back tank top from forever 21, vintage Dorothy Vernon cardigan, H&M summer time magazine, favourite summer time magazine pages from may/june/july issues, book The Help, dics 3/4 of Buffy and Angel season 5, spare wallet from Nine West, Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion, my makeup bag, and purple & blue La Senza bras . You won't know this, but I am usually a heavy packer. I like to pack for every type of situation, weather outcome, event, all for one weekend. However, as of lately, I have decided to start packing light. And I like it. I like having to make do with what I've got, and having to create new outfits from the limited items brought with me, it's like a challenge. Also, it's an even greater challenge for me since I change my outfit two or three times a day. That's Stefanie for ya.

xo, stefanie

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