packing list

(from top left hand corner)

- Everlast athletic tank top
- M*A*S*H tank top
- Cherokee boxer shorts (pj's)
- Vintage Denim Skirt
- Harry Potter t-shirt
- DIY bloomers
- Purple La Senza bra
- Gray La Senza bra
- Ardene bikini top
- Stitches bikini bottom
- Dinner for Schmucks (movie)
- Pulp Fiction (movie)
- Charlie Bartlett (movie)
- Remember Me (movie)
- The Contender (movie)
- Tom Bedlam by George Hagen (book)

Well, this is my packing list for my weekend. I intend on spending my days in the 30 degree weather by the beaches, eating a homeburger, shopping on queen st. East and watching LOADS of movies. I wish you warm weather.

xo, stefanie

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