we're going the wrong way aren't we


Well, today was a good day. A hot day...but a good one. A lot of craziness happened. Photographs being taken, outfits being changed out of and into, lugging a huge red bag and purse around the whole day, many food and drink pit stops, and finding a credit card in a bike rental maching only to find out that all the wallet drop offs at every bank were closed (don't worry, we cut it up). It was EXTREMELY hot though, which made it extra necessary to powder my nose (curse you combination skin!). Although, I did have a good time, and I got to see and talk to someone I had seen or talked to in a long time and dearly missed, it may be the last day of July but already the days are getting good. I hope you all had a great and (maybe hot) day, and go enjoy the rest of it!

xo, stefanie

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