The New Sheriffs in Town!!(again...maybe?...)

I THINK that I metioned this blog...but...WHATEVER!!! I'm just gonna tell you again :) The blog: http://www.thenewsheriffsintown.webs.com/ just started up a couple of months again, and so far,I've been addicted to their post. The blog is hosted by partners(in crime :P) Eh(A) and Bee. They are some of the craziest(in a good way), and outgoing buddles of fun people! Especially since my modeling has also been posted on their blog, since Bee was the photographer. I was so happy with the way the photos turned out! Thank you so much Bee!! An hello to you too Eh(A)!

te amo!, stefanie

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Anonymous said...

hi back babe luv ur blog!!!!