Plaid "Love-Sick" Robot DIY

So, since this is my first DIY, it's not gonna be the best, I sort of took all these pictures basically after I was done, and THEN thought of the idea of putting this as a DIY for the blog. And on top of school, and work, and all that stuff, I was really rushed making this. PLUS the fact that it's late!!!
Anywho, bear with me, and I'll post better pictures of the process later, I will be making another(green plaid) one for a friend of mine :)

Materials: Fabric(your choice), Scissors, Needle and Thread, felt fine-point marker.

Step 1: Select your fabric, I just picked a nice small checkered plaid because I thought it would be cute. I then used a scrape piece of pink fabric for the small details.
Step 2: Seperate parts of body into sections, the head, torso, arms, and legs, sew along three of the four sides leaving a side open to stuff the bady part. Make sure to stitch the details on the fabric pieces BEFORE you stitch the two pieces together (I put the antena in while stitching the top of the head closed). Use stuffing, or parntyhose, or soft shredded matirial to stuff the parts. Then sew side shut.
After all the pieces are stuffed and sewn seperately, sew them all together(hand-stitched), making all the parts bendable(floppy).
And there you go!!! Your own love-sick robot :)
***Images of the seperated parts and stitching, will be coming later :)

xo, stefanie

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