Kensington Market & Queen St. W

I think I told, but in case not...I went Kensington Market and Queen St.W with my closest cousin yesterday. We're trying to spend more time together because she's moving to Ottawa in September :'(
I didn't take many pictures because it was really hot, and there wasn't really anything to take pictures of.
But here are some pictures I took while in this store called "Blue Banana" I had seen and passed by the store, but it looked like a unique grocery store to me from the outside, so I never ventured in. Luckily my cousin convinced me to go in, and low and behold the place is a gold mine of unique, fun, playful, gorgeous one-of-a-kind gifts! Plus their set up is so cute, its like little booths with different companies and generes (I know that's probably not the best word) with no one looking over them, its just all seperated. They alkso have awesome house decorating stuff, I would go crazy in there if I had the money! :P

(sale section! :P )
(I sooooo wanted one! haha)
(postcard, love.)
(so ah-dorable)
(painting which I thought was cute, but there was an even cute wood carving kids rocket, painted thing that was behind it, but since I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures, I couldn't get a picture of it. Let's just put this way; if I had a little boy, I would get it.)

yep, that's all.

xo, stefanie

p.s. Sorry the photos aren't great quality, they were taken via camera phone! :p

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