Life in photographs

(all this ice cream came from the same Baskin Robins on Queen St.E by the beaches. When they say one scoop..they MEAN one scoop! looool)
(all these are photos from a mini art gallery I went to. I can't remember the photographer's name. Let's see if you vcan notice anything different in the first dog picture. COmment if you can figure in out.)
(oh...my friend tyler...hahaha, so so nice, and shy, and has this beachy punk, rocker,ihavenowordsforit look goin on. hahahahaha he's an awesome guy!)
(the best silly face I ever did see, and draw. hahaha. which is actually pretty sad...lol)
my friend emily...and the H-MAZING record collection behind her!)
(Apainting done by my friend Katia, the picture quality is low, but she's an amazing artist)
(one of my best random furry faced doodles ever!)
(A nest fallen out of a tree, luckily, no eggs, or birdies inside :)  )
(Roxy!!!! i love you annoying little ball of horribleness! haha. But I still love you!)
(That's Becca for you, when I got to house sit and brought her along, remember when I mentioned that midnight swing?...that was with her. She's awesome.)

well, that's all for now!

xo, stefanie


Anonymous said...

two tails?


Stefanie said...

Nope, one's 2D and wooden! :P

xo, stefanie