A Little Dose of Random

Well, I have had my picture stuck on my phone for Lord kows how long because I couldn't find my USB cord, but luckily I found it yesterday, and I feel that I should share some photos with you, after all, you are my readers, but I'm gonna share info with you so you can stalk me :P
Anywho! Here are some photos from months ago till recently...

(A croissant with Greek feta cheese! Gotta stay with my roots! lol. It was absolutely delicious!)
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I have another change to add! Recipe of the Day! Yep! Everyday I'm going to be posting at least one recipe, whether it be for a snack, an entree, lunch, breakfast, dessert, etc.! Start tomorrow I'll be posting!
*You could technically say this is a recipe, I know there are no intructions but honestly?1 You can a croissant to the point where you can open it up without it breaking in half, and stuff it full of feta! Enjoy! :P

MOOving on....
(me being all stalker-ish. But I couldn't help it, they lookind so cute with those balloons :) )

(Suzy!!! Awe your so ah-dorable! Love you!)

(The cutest change purse I ever did see)

(Dear Vandalism,
Knock it off! The poor car never saw it coming :( Poor person, having to drive around in a messed up car...)


This was one of the prettiest paintings I saw down at the Beaches. It was small but oh so pretty. I wish I had bought it...)

A tee shirt from my Grandfather's old restaurant and tavern... God I wish I had been around when they still had the business. It sounded like the place to be. )

(My artwork :) )

Yep, that's all fro now, I got to leave some for later :)
Enjoy your day ppl!

xo, stefanie

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