Thoughts of Life and Bliss...

You know that feeling you get when you're in that perfect moment. Maybe doing something simple like; riding a bike, going for a pointless drive, or even going for a swing with your best friend at midnight in a park. The feeling that if you died that moment, it would be okay, you don't think past that, you don't think past death. Yuu don't think how life will be after that, you just feel bliss. At that moment you are in absolute momentary......I don't know......not happiness...understanding. Momentary understanding that there's nothing to worry about during that certain time, that you can deal with everything later, and if you were to die right now you wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again. I know this sounds depressing, and suicidal. But trust me, I'M NOT! Death scares the hell outta me, and that's what brings me back to earth. But I hope, when it's my time to go (and I trully intend to be chronogenically frozen :P ), that I will have that bliss right before, and never have to come back down to earth.
xo, stefanie

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