Flo's Diner (Yorkville)

Well, this was actually a last minute thing, but on Friday I went for lunch with my cousin (the one that's moving to Ottawa) to Flo's Diner (in Yorkville), the food was okay, but it FORever for the food to come, and I wasn't overly pleased with the results, so I probably won't be either GOING to that restaurant again, or I might just go and get something different. Anywho after that we did a little shopping, one of the stores I went into was "Over the Rainbow", a lot of denim, but there were some cute pieces I liked, opne was a cute purple skirt, and the other a cute vest, I ended up not going for the skirt, but I still was on the fence about the vest so I asked them if they could put it on hold until the end of the day because I wanted to continue my shopping, unfortunately they said they were unable to do so (wth?!) and by the time I went back, my size(the only one left) was gone! Ugh! This is what happens when someone your size sees you tryin on somethin pretty and sees you put it back! Anywho, I did end up buying other things, like this absolutely cute designer wrapping paper(:P), I know :) starnge, but it's abosultely adorable!, and Becca's birthday is coming up soon...now I just need a gift to go with the paper! lol! Unfortunately, I can't take any pictures of the paper because A) she could see what it looks like on the blog, and B) it's all wrapped up perfectly and just waiting to be wrapped around a gift and I don't want to damage it somehow, rip it, crinkle it, etc. But I do have picutures of us on the way back home :)

(We thought we'd take the subway.)

(Her birks, my sketchers[sling-backs], can you spot my tan lines?! loooool)
( I like this picture...)

All in all it was a nice day. It was good to get out of the house :)

xo, stefanie

p.s. Isn't this creepy :P

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