Taste of the Danforth

Yesterday was the Taste of the Danforth, as I told you previously. We had a great time, I ended up going with a group which included; Becca, My friend Lilly, my Mom, my grandmother, and my Mom's long-lost friend Sean. We had a blast! Talk about people, food, and belly dancing! hahahahaha We got there at 10 to 12 and went for dinner at 5pm! That's a LOT of walking! But that also meant shopping!However, there are few actual non-food places there so we had to look hard, and so we ended up finding a couple of stores that were REALLY cute! Here some pictures from things I got last year, and this year...


(I love this cutie, they didn't have anymore this year :'(   *tear)


(I have an OBSESSION with postcards)
(Vintage copy of superman comic book)
(I'll show you this item tomorrow in Thrifting)

On top of the shopping there was the food, we went to a new restaurant this year, "Christina's" and absolutely LOVED it! We ended up getting platers of food which filled all of us up, we got a dip plater for an appetizer, and a seafood plater for an entree, and of course before all of that we got Saganaki (for you non-greeks, that's the flaming cheese), OPA! And while we were eating, out came a belly dancer! We were having so  much fun clappinbg and yelling and do crazy stuff, and then guess what...she took my hand to come up and dance with her! Becca and my Mom also joined in and we were shakin' what are Mommas gave us! hahahahaha then she was showing us how to shake our hips the way she was and then ya gotta shake your bosom, HAHAHA! Sooooo much fun, probably one of the best times I've had down at the Taste of the Danforth! Can't wait til next year! But one things for sure, once a year is enough! LOL

have an awesome evening guys!

xoxoxoxox, stefanie

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