Happy August 1st!!!

Happy August First!!!


Life has been full the past few days. I'm not bored right now, so that's good. I went to Presqu'ile provincial park in Trenton yesterday. That was fun, it was a mini road trip with my aunt, uncle, and VERY close cousin, who's leaving for Ottawa soon :'(
At least it'll give me an excuse to go up there finally! :D
Video of my excurtion with my cousin yesterday will be coming soon, probably tomorrow :)

And the last pictures of Windsor Arms ride back coming soon too. And pictures from Trenton too, and any other things I owe you.

Have an awesome Sunday night! And long weekend to all you Canadians!!

xo, stefanie

p.s. Right now I'm spending some quality time with to AH-dorably cute/fluffy chihuahua puppies :D
Might have to take them home :)

p.p.s. They ARE looing for homes...hint hint.

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