Presqu'ile Prov. Park.

So, as I noted in my tweets, I went on a mini road trip to Presqu'ile provincial park in Trenton on Saturday with family, including my VERY close cousin who is moving to Ottawa (*tear), so we're trying to see and spend as much time together as possible, which will be pretty hard considering the fact that I'll be starting my volunteering REALLY soon. Anywho! We had a fun time even though we got a really late start. I took photos, we suntanned, we explored (as you'll see in the video), and we RAN. hahaha
Enjoy my little crazy video, that I appear in so unflattering-like.
*p.s. There are a few pictures in the beginning, then there's the video, and then there are more pictures*


xo, Stefanie

p.s. I just figured out (like the dummy I am) that this blog IS about my personal life. Duh! hahaha

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