Sometimes you wake up and everything in the world seems so wonderful, you have so much excitement for the day and NOTHING can ruin it. Then you wake up the next day and you feel well.....not awful or horrible, just...indifferent and uncertain. What once was something so simply amazing can turn into something you have no idea what to feel about. I hate that feeling, you just want to get back, be happy and blissful. I especially hate what this does to the people around the situation. Whether they think its hormones, unhappiness, a mental imbalance, whatever, its not, its just... well i think its just too much of a good thing can wear you out, and then you dont have enough for the next day. Thats my theory. And sure!, you can have happy blissful excitement for days, months, years!, however long, and then you come to an end, not a depression, maybe a form of depression, just...worn.

xo, stefanie

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