Be a squirrel

I sat in my classroom, and as i looked out the window...i saw a black ordinary squirrel on a baren tree. Something so ordinary, yet something to think about. I sat there and wondered what the significance of this squirrel's life was. What was it's point in life? why scavenge, and collect fo the winter? why eat the dry dead leaves off that tree? Why exist? What is so special about that squirrel's life that it deserves to live it? I dont know about religion, or spirituality, but i dont agree with pesimists that life isnt worth living. I dnt know if we have a point for living, but we're here, now, and into the future, and every second we stay on the planet is for some reason, i haven't the slightest idea why, but if we're here, we might as well make use of our time. Do something! Be someone! Live and Love this god forsaken life!
Be a squirrel.
xo, stefanie

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