Confundled Bundle

Life can be confusing. Yes, you've probably figured that out by now. And you're now wondering if im some psychic who could see into the future and nothing was confusing because i new exactly what was going on and now i've lost my power, but no. I just dont know what to think of life in the generalist of forms. One second you're being thrown curveballs, the next you're taking a walk. Take my life for instance. Friends, family, relationships, school, etc. All mixed and messed up. people, hurting, people missing, people leaving, all and everything. But then things start to fall into place, people come together, people come back (slowly) and some leave (for the better), and then there are the new people you never noticed before until now, and they come into your life, and finally, there are of course the people who will always remain with you, thru thick and thin. And when everything comes together, there's bliss. And then there's excitement, emotion, and everything-ness. all there in one pot, stirring, mixing, and creatings something tasty and delicious.
Its a recipe for happiness.
Sometimes i ADORE life.
xo, stefanie

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